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Business Travelers & Retreats

Gatherings & Family Reunions

Looking for a place for your next corporate retreat, regional sales meeting or to lay out your strategic plan? From Master Planning to Team Building, Annville Inn is the ideal place to get away from it all and still stay connected.

Annville Inn provides the perfect place for a group to get away from the daily distractions of the office environment and find inspiration. The quiet and tranquil environment of our Inn provides the perfect team building setting. Your employees will be more productive in planning future growth and setting new directions for your organization.

FEATURES DESIGNED TO BENEFIT RETREATS AND MEETINGS: Here are just a few of the amenities and features that you will find waiting for you at Annville Inn:

  • Rosalie George, your Innkeeper, has extensive experience in corporate meeting and conference planning and can assist in developing your plans for your retreat.
  • Rosalie's 30-year business career as Director of Operations and Director of Human Resources had her out on location setting up national conferences all around the country. There is no facet of conference planning that she hasn't done. Her vast experience in the conference and retreat sector will be of immense help in planning your event. Her understanding of the needs of non-profits comes from an equal amount of time spent on boards and committees of 501 (c)(3) organizations.
  • Our theater room has tiered seating and a staging area for a facilitator and can easily seat between fifteen to twenty people.
  • Annville Inn has numerous large rooms that can be used for "break-out" groups, which is great for team building and planning.
  • Spacious and handsome dining room and other areas for refreshments and meals.
  • Wireless internet access is available throughout the Inn. We provide a business desk with computer, color printer, scanner, copier and fax for your convenience.
  • We are close to wonderful restaurants and other sources of entertainment.
  • Enjoy our large game room with a billiard table, other games and plenty of movies that can be viewed in our theater.
  • We also offer other very special amenities, including a fabulous hot tub and swimming pool (in season) as well as wonderfully comfortable guest rooms with private baths.
  • Certain meeting supplies such as white boards, screens for projecting, extra tables and chairs, etc. are all supplied at no extra cost
  • Unique Team Building experiences we create for you including Bonfires and the Cooking Up Collaboration Experience. Check out our Break Out and Team Building Activity section below!

Visit with us about your meeting, you will learn why we have corporate groups return year after year for their annual planning meeting-groups that wouldn't think of going anywhere else but Annville Inn!

Gatherings & Events

Bring your group together...whether it is a bunch of best friends that come together once a year for a reunion, or a 40th birthday party or all the groom's men or bride's maids last retreat before the wedding, or a girlfriend's getaway, or a group of scrap bookers...whatever the "glue" that binds your group together, we are the place for your gathering. And we can't leave out "best friends' get-aways". We have really enjoyed the energy here at the Inn when five "best friend" couples meet here for a gathering. Example: Five couples from New York City have been converging on Annville Inn annually for the past several years. We are your "ticket out of town!"

  • When your gathering "takes over the Inn," you have the "run of the place" and can leave activities out on tables over night, choose your own music in the public rooms, and establish your own routines.
  • When all five guest rooms are booked by one group, you create a sense of cohesion throughout the Inn. It's "your" place!
  • Enjoy activities here at the Inn or throughout our region as a group.
  • Be sure to check out our Break Out and Team Building Activity section below!

Business Travelers

We understand business travel. Both Craig and Rosalie have been conducting business travel their entire adult lives. We have created a business travel environment that features all the positives we have appreciated over the years and conveniences we always wished were readily available!

  • If you need an early breakfast in order to get to that meeting, Done!
  • Need a coffee to go when you walk the door? No problem!
  • Want time saving directions? Easy!
  • Last Minute Business Concierge Services such as copying, binding, and sorting? We can arrange it!
  • Need a special work space, such as a long table to spread work out on? It will be set up and ready!
  • For you, we focus on Privacy, Flexibility, Efficiency, Quiet, Communications (Wi-Fi, office equipment), Space (rooms to hold meetings, etc.) and more.

Break Out and Team Building Activity

We can design a fun activity for your reunion, corporate retreat or something special for just the two of you. Check out our imaginative and fun activities. Rosalie will consult with you regarding the scope of your planned activity and determine a price. Some activities such as Bonfires are at no added cost.


  • Let us build a bonfire for your team to gather around in the evening where they will experience time under a bright canopy of stars, relaxing and sharing ideas. There is something about being out in the country, hearing the crackle of the fire, easing back in our Adirondack chairs, and letting creative concepts naturally flow.
  • For corporate retreats: Marketing slogans, campaigns, answers to tough business questions and many other facets of corporate life have been conceived or ironed out in our bonfire area.
  • For reunions and other gatherings: Time slows down, remembrances of great times in the past bubble up to the surface, friendships strengthen.
  • Note: Bonfires are available weather and climate conditions permitting.

Cooking Up Collaboration

This is so much FUN for corporate retreats, gatherings, or couples staying with us:

We bring one of our Acclaimed Chefs in just for you or your event. As part of a team building exercise or just a fun time for couples and friends, your Chef will get you involved in a cooking encounter in our beautiful professional kitchen.

  • Learn to work together to slice, dice, chop.
  • Learn teamwork to make sure all ingredients are the right size, shape, texture, taste, and temperature. Work together to combine them in the proper quantities and the correct order. Learn what happens if a team member isn't in place at the right time with the right preparations!
  • See what happens when we all work together and bring diverse elements together to produce...VOILA! A culinary masterpiece.
  • Your Acclaimed Chef will coach you to work together, build cohesion, and achieve memorable results.
  • Your Acclaimed Chef will be no "kindergartener" in the kitchen. We will bring in for you one of our famous chefs from our Acclaimed Chef Cooking Series. Perhaps it will be the same chef that cooked for Presidents and Royalty, or the chef that has appeared on The Today Show with Matt Lauer or the chef that will teach nutritional gourmet, food-as-medicine...and perhaps get your group involved in a group Yoga class! Or, it could be our Mexico City Gourmet or the Chef that has earned praise from those tough Chicago Steak House food critics in the Tribune and Sun-Times!
  • Think how memorable and positive the vibe will be when you include "Cooking Up Collaboration" in your meeting planning at Annville Inn!
  • You can opt to have dinner at the Inn based upon your cooking exercise. For groups this could be a formal dinner in the Inn's dining room. For couples, this could be an intimate dinner for two in numerous locations throughout the Inn.

Team Building and Gathering Add Ons:

Here are some terrific add ons to the event you are planning. These all require advance planning and consultation with Rosalie. All prices are custom designed for the specifics you have in mind, and are usually payable in advance of your stay. Special Order items may require several weeks' lead time.

Team Spirit or Family Unity=Your Own Team Spirit Shirt! Rosalie can provide you any type of Annville Inn shirt or jacket-or even our official Inn apron with your corporate identity, your family name, or any other identifier either embroidered or silk screened. She will work with you on design, placement, etc.

No cost activities at the Inn: Horse Shoes in our new horse shoe pit, swimming in our pool, soaking in our hot tub, following the garden tour path through our three acres of gardens, croquet on our new croquet court, crackling bonfires under the stars, enjoying a movie together in our theatre, playing pool in our billiard room and much more.

No or low-cost activities near the Inn: Explore Union Canal Tunnel, Hike the Appalachian Trail or any other of the numerous trails nearby, play miniature golf only 2 miles away, tour art galleries, and dozens of other activities. Please see our AREA ATTRACTONS and HERSHEY sections.

Stage a Cook Out: We have had family reunions decide to use our OUTDOOR KITCHEN to cook for everyone instead of going out to dinner. We have a professional outdoor grill including separate pot burner, a "kitchen counter", and 8-cubic foot ice chest. The outdoor kitchen is isolated from the pool deck and patio, so the grill chef can concentrate on the task at hand without interruption. Note: you must provide all your own foodstuffs and any pre-preparation. The indoor Inn kitchen is not available due to county regulations.

Marvelous Mountain Pie Party: "If you haven't done this, you haven't lived!" exclaimed a gentleman from Florida who was at the Inn for a family reunion. An urban dweller, he had not cooked for himself at a bonfire before. We provide you a table laden with all types of ingredients for your "mountain pie". You take a pie iron, load it with any of the assortment of meats, cheeses and vegetables you wish, clamp them down between two slices of bread in the Pie Iron, and then walk down Humming Bird lane to the bon fire. Your Pie Iron sits in the coals until you deem it "cooked enough" for your preferences. When you sit down at the picnic table and open your iron, you are greeted with a mouth-watering aroma and a delicious "pie" of all your ingredients cooked together. And just wait to see what you can cook up for dessert! This is fun for gatherings and corporate retreats alike! Availability based upon favorable weather conditions.

Ice Cream Social &/or Chocolate Fountain: Perfect for a "meet and greet" reception - or at another key time during your stay. Our chocolate fountain comes with all sorts of yummy treats for dunking in Rosalie's special chocolate fountain recipe. We are blessed in this part of the country to have two wonderful ice cream manufacturers, and can set up an "ice cream buffet" for your Corporate Retreat or other Gathering. The Ice Cream Social comes with numerous toppings and can be set up to include sugar free ingredients. These special treats will have everyone talking about how wonderful your meeting planning skills are!

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Annville Inn features five unique guest rooms, each with a private bath.


Business Travel Reviews: Dear Rosalie, our management retreat at Annville Inn inspired us all. You have so many places for "break out meetings", you provided us better ameninities than any hotel or lodge would ever do, and your team building events will have us "COHESIVE" and a force to reckon with for a long time...at least until we return for a new "shot in the arm." I recommend you--not just your Inn but you yourself--to any business group I know. Your past life in planning corporate meetings is really obvious and certainly a huge benefit. My only suggestion...really--you ought to be charging more because you provide so much knowledge and skill.

~ S.L. Lawrence writing to Annville Inn via e-mail.

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Family Reunion Review: Oh, Rosalie! It was so perfect! Booking out the entire Inn for our family reunion, getting to swim and stay up late and use your BBQ grill and bonfire for cookouts, getting to just leave our stuff all over the place without having to put it away in the rooms all the time...(Dennis had a perpetual chess game going on with somebody at all times out on your amazing pool deck, and he thanks you and your staff for not moving the chess pieces around while daily cleaning). We felt so...at home. I speak for the entire family to assure you that the Dillinghams shall be back at Annville Inn for our next reunion. The days of moving around the country for variety are over--everyone wants to come back to you!.

~ The Dillinghams (Writing in the Great Southwest Room Journal).