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Portraits by Craig - Annville Inn

Your love for each other is timeless. You have often thought of a wonderful portrait that does more than show who the two of you are. In your mind's eye, you envision a creation that reveals your spark, your fire, your spirit and your love... a sensitive portrait that conveys your teamwork and path together through life. You have always wanted a very special portrait of the two of you, but never the right time, never the right place, and the question: who could create your masterpiece?

Take advantage of being away for relaxation and fun. This will be a time you will look your best!

Did you know that your innkeeper, Rosalie's husband (Craig) is a highly regarded award-winning portrait photographer who is highly sought after to create masterworks? Before moving east, Craig and Rosalie were co-owners of two of the most prestigious portrait studios in the Southwest USA where Craig achieved nationwide recognition for his work*. Craig created masterpiece portraits of ranchers, industry executives, families, couples and personal portraits of two different U.S. Presidents!

Take advantage of that talent while you are here with us at Annville Inn! Have Craig create a portrait of the two of you while you are staying with us!

Imagine spending an hour with Craig, the artist. Your love for one another will shine through using his creativity, command of lighting and composition, and his ability to get just the right expressions!

Timeless portraits of the two of you (and if you need individual portraits, those can be made at the same time) make perfect gifts for birthdays, Christmas, other holidays and events.

Portraits of you and the love of your life can so easily be created while you are our guests! Here is what you need to do:

  • Call Rosalie at 888-868-4515 or 717.867.1991 and tell her you want to schedule a portrait session.
  • Rosalie will schedule a portrait consultation with you. This can be accomplished by phone, and will include discussions on coordination of clothing colors, make up, hair, and clothing styles.
  • You will have a portrait appointment, plus-while you are here-an appointment to select the photographs Craig created! You can select all your portraits from the same photograph or from many. Craig will create a number of incredible images for you to review.


Jill and I have not had a portrait made in some time. Now, based upon our experience with Craig making a masterpiece portrait of us while we were guests here at your magnificiant Inn, I will say we've never had a truly professional portrait made...until today. We saw the results of his nearly 2 hours spent with us and the results are terrific. Craig is an incredible professional photographer and this Inn is a spectacular place. Perfect combination of arts. Everyone should have Craig create their portrait while they are here and relaxed!

~ Steve and Jill, Youngstown, Ohio (Writing in the Secret Room Guest Register).


Cost? Our portrait sessions are $175. SPECIAL: As our guests, your session cost is zero! You pay only for photographs you buy. Craig will have numerous packages from which you can choose, beginning as low as $67, your final total being dependent upon the number and size of portraits you ultimately select. Whatever your budget, we will have something for you!

This page shows a couple portrait session. Note that you can bring changes of clothes for numerous different "looks" if you like! The beauty of Annville Inn plus Craig's wonderful photographic talent is an opportunity you will want to take advantage of!

Credentials: Craig's portraits have been displayed at the Smithsonian Institution, and in juried exhibitions throughout the country including high scores on his juried work allowing his portraits to be exhibited at the annual national exhibition of the Professional Photographers of America. He has taught professional photographers his techniques in lectures in over 20 different states, and was President of the Professional Photographers of Oklahoma, a statewide association of professional portrait photographers. Craig's awards include "Best of Show," And "Best Of" in numerous other categories including: Couples, Families, Males, Females, Children, and even Pets!

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